The growth & challenges of CRM

After so many years’ evolution, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has earned the reputation as of a missing bridge in between IT systems and Front end customers’ interface. It involves technology, processes and people.
However, it was also unfairly tagged for some other well-known reasons, such as the challenges of user adoption; users are lack of CRM knowledge; lack of sufficient sample data to do data mining to analyze customer behaviors in order to predict the next marketing apporaches.
Or worse case, many corporate marketers launch loyalty programs by careless disturbing customers without longer term Customer Strategy but random act!!!
Probably you would be surprised that all the customer relationships were that vulnerably threatened due to random careless program launched! Very often time, many of my clients who are lack ofCustomer Strategy were asking me, was there any short cut towards the success?
In short, the effective way is to exam your customer strategy firstly; in compliance with corproate vision (if any) before you deploy the user experience programs to regain the confidence of custoemrs, internally or externally.
It’s been a non-stop journey as long as you get started to travel over the CRM journey!